Investment Management for Retirees
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How We Manage Money

Our pursuit of information and commitment to client expectations drive results.

Understand Risk Tolerance

Every investor is managing risk. Using our tools and deep market experience, you will receive advice and guidance on risk and investment choices.

Cutting Edge Technology

We use the most recently available research, software, and artificial intelligence to form our strategies. We are a small firm but pride ourselves in having trading technology in line with the industry.

People....Not Machines

When the market ride is a little bumpy, you want to pick up the phone and call the professionals. No voicemail, no automated messages, we are real people working for you.

Investment Selection You Can Trust


Common Stock
Preferred Stock
Blue Chip
Leveraged Option

Fixed Income

Corporate Offerings

Alternate Investments

Private Equity
Gold & Silver

Christopher G. Ragain | Founder & CEO

Client Demographics

Our clients value communication & conservative management

Liquid Investments

Our clients have $500K to $5M of invested net assets.  Our firm minimum is $500K but we can make exceptions from time to time.  

Portfolio Allocation

Most of our clients have a diversified portfolio of equities and fixed income.  We DO NOT buy mutual funds or any products with front-end loads. 

Retirement Income

Our clients usually need to see stable retirement income from their portfolio month-to-month.  We are experts in dependable cash-flow.

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